Osho, Many of your Jokes i don’t get. What to do?

Osho, Many of your Jokes i don't get. What to do?


Question: Osho, Many of your Jokes i don’t get. What to do?

Osho: Anand Magdalena, You must be too serious. When I say that I am very serious about my jokes I am joking! You should not listen to me at all! Be alert, be watchful. I am not a man to be relied upon always. There is no need to get the joke — the joke will get you! You simply relax — you simply relax!

You are trying to find some significance, some hidden meaning, something esoteric in it. It is simply a joke! But that’s how we have been conditioned for centuries: to take everything seriously. I want to destroy your seriousness. That’s why I have to search for all these stupid jokes, just to destroy your seriousness!

In fact, it is very troublesome for me. It will be easier for me not to tell you any jokes, but then you will become very very serious. Even telling you these jokes you go on clinging with your seriousness. You are trying to find some meaning.

Life has no meaning. Rejoice! It has no meaning. Dance, sing, enjoy! It has no meaning. You need not be serious. It is a cosmic joke! What is there to get? But the achieving mind is always trying to get something, even out of a joke. Can’t you relax at all? Can’t you simply listen and laugh?

Do you have to understand it and its significance and its esoteric meaning then you will laugh? By that time the joke is finished — you have missed the point. The point is simply to relax; but you will be very serious about it, you must be.

I have heard… Jesus, I have lost it again! I have not heard anything, not a word! Do you see? Even without a joke people are getting it! So if you want to get it you get it, joke or no joke! I have not heard. I have not told you, and you have got it!
It is a question of relaxing!

Source: from book “Guida Spirituale, Chapter 15” by Osho