Tale 81 : One Hundred Tales For Ten Thousand Buddhas

Tale 81 : One Hundred Tales For Ten Thousand Buddhas

Osho’s insights into the future is tremendous. In 1971 one by one a few Westerners start arriving and get initiated into sannyas.

Karuna from Bombay is sent to New York with American Pratima to open the first Osho meditation center there. Osho says that thousands of people have already started to come to him and a Neo-Sannyas movement is going to spread like a wild fire around the world.

He asks Laxmi to look for a bigger place for him. In one of His letters to a friend, Osho makes it clear that He has to settle at one place now. His traveling is over and those who are thirsty should come to the well now.

After looking around in Bombay and nearby places, finally a bungalow is purchased in Poona at #33 Koregaon Park.

On March 21, 1974 in the morning, lots of friends have gathered in the living room of the Woodlands apartment to celebrate Osho’s enlightenment day.

This afternoon Osho will be leaving for Poona by road. It is the last celebration in the Woodlands. Ma Taru with a few other friends start Kirtan. Everyone is allowed to touch His feet and take prasad (sweets distributed on celebration days). In the morning I arrive at the Woodlands with my suitcase to leave for Poona with Him. I can’t imagine myself being in Bombay without Him. Once He is gone I feel Bombay will be a deserted place for me. Celebration goes on for a couple of hours. Almost everyone is in tears. I am standing aloof, at a little distance, watching Osho who has no ripple of any emotion on His face. He looks as serene and fresh as ever. I am not affected by His leaving because I know I am going to be with Him in Poona.

After the celebration is over Osho takes His lunch and rests for a while. At 2:30pm his car is ready, decorated with garlands of flowers all around. Many friends have gathered again to say good-bye to him. Osho comes down, namastes everyone and slowly walks towards the car. Some friends burst out and start crying loudly. The whole scene is heart breaking. The beloved of their hearts is leaving them.

Laxmi is already sitting in the driver’s seat and Osho sits in the back seat. There are five more cars of friends waiting to follow Him. I get a ride In Swami Krishna Arup’s new Fiat car and coming with us is Osho’s uncle. One car is for the camera people taking video films of this historical event. In a few minutes all the cars are on the road trying to overtake other vehicles.

Bye Bye Bombay!