Tale 91 : One Hundred Tales For Ten Thousand Buddhas

Tale 91 : One Hundred Tales For Ten Thousand Buddhas

Osho gives His last discourse on March 24, 1981 and stops coming out March 25. His lower back has started hurting and there is some problem in His spinal cord. No treatment seems to help. He needs to rest completely.

Sannyasins start renovating the path, which leads to the podium. The path needed to be leveled to the height of the podium in order to make it more convenient for Osho to walk the few steps and reach the podium instead of climbing up.

On May 1, 1981 Osho starts coming out and sits silently with us in Buddha Hall. In Indian tradition it is called satsang, which means sitting silently in the presence of the master, It is a unique experience for me. Music is being played by sannyasins at intervals, which deepens the silence more.

Satsang continues for a month. All other work in the commune is happening as usual. Then on May 31, 1981 at 12:30pm, I come out of the office to go for lunch and see many sannyasins hugging each other; some crying, some laughing and some standing silently with closed eyes, I inquire and find out that Osho has just left for Bombay and will be flying to the United States for His treatment. His leaving was kept secret from all of us for His security.

I sit down alone in a corner and cannot stop my tears. I cry silently to my heart’s content, I console myself, thinking that He will be back soon.

After a few days sannyasins start leaving the commune. I go back to my home in Bombay to meet my father. He asks me if I am repenting now for leaving the job and going away. I tell him, “I would have repented if I had continued my job and not gone away to Poona.” This one year in Poona was the most precious in my life. Osho has given me so much in this year, l am totally fulfilled and I am grateful to Him for calling me in the right time.