A cult is a business, a religious kind of business….OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

A cult is a business, a religious kind of business....

Jesus has promised in the Bible, "I will be coming," but I can tell you authoritatively that he is not going to come — one experience was enough. Who wants to be crucified again? And that time at least there was a consoltation: that these were Jews, orthodox, traditional; they could not understand the revolution that he had brought.

This time, even that consolation will not be there. These will be the Christians, his own people, who will crucify him.

Last time, Jesus had prayed to God, "Forgive these people because they don't know what they are doing." What is he going to do this time? He will have to pray, "Forgive these people — they know perfectly well what they are doing." But they will do exactly the same thing.

A cult is a business, a religious kind of business.
It has a religious jargon.
It has no experience.

Yes, once somewhere in the past there may have been a flower, but it is gone. Centuries have passed, and since then the priest goes on pretending that he is the representative of that fragrance. Nobody can represent fragrance: it comes with the flower and goes with the flower.

But the priest can create a plastic flower, can even put French perfume on it.
And that's what he has been doing in all the religions.

Religion is rebellious, is bound to be so, because religion starts saying things which the tradition will oppose, because only one of these two can exist: either the mass, unintelligent crowd — mind which makes the tradition, or a man like jesus or Buddha or Mahavira. They are alone.

And what they are saying can be understood only by the chosen few.
What they bring to the world is something so otherworldly, that unless you can have a heart to heart contact with them, there is no way of understanding them — you will misunderstand.

jesus is misunderstood.
Socrates is misunderstood.

Al-Hillaj Mansoor is misunderstood. Whenever you find a religious man, it will be simply ascertained that all around him there will be misunderstanding. But once he dies, things settle down. Once he dies the priesthood makes a new business.