A Sufi parable……….. OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

A Sufi parable...........

A man was very worried because every night somebody would enter his garden and destroy the garden. He did everything that could be done to protect it.

Guards were posted all around the boundary, but never was anybody seen to go into the garden in the night. Everything was done, but nothing helped. The garden was being destroyed every day.

He went to a Sufi master, thinking that the master must have the quality of seeing faraway things. The master closed his eyes and said, "You do one thing. Fix the alarm on your alarm clock for two o'clock in the night."

The man said, "How is this going to help? My guards are continuously watching and patrolling around the house."

The master said, "There is no need to argue. You simply do what I say. You fix the alarm for two o'clock. Then come the next day. Whatsoever happens you relate to me."

The man was suspicious, but he tried it.

Two o'clock, when the alarm went off, he became awake. He was standing in his garden, destroying his plants.

He was a somnambulist. We all are. You have been sowing seeds and in your deep darkness — in your night, in your sleep, in your unawareness, unconsciousness — you have been throwing the seeds and destroying your own field.

You love somebody, and then you start possessing him. Now tares are entering.

You love, and then you become jealous. Now weeds are growing.

You love, and for trivial things you get angry. You love: for nothing at all — meaningless, petty things — hate arises. Now the wheat is getting mixed with tares.

When you love you feel happy. Every love starts with a deep happiness, a celebration, and every love ends in deep sadness.