Allow life to be a response not an answer.Be patient, go through that discomfort….OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

Allow life to be a response not an answer.Be patient, go through that discomfort....


Allow life to be a response not an answer. If somebody asks you something, just watch whether you are repeating something you always do, just a habit, or whether the answer is a response. Just watch whether the mind is repeating an old habit, whether the answer is coming from memory, or whether it is coming from you.


Everybody bores everybody else because everything is dead, borrowed, stale, and stinks of death. It is not fresh. Look at children playing and you feel a freshness. For a moment you may even forget that you have become old.


Listen to the birds, look at the trees or flowers and for a moment, forget. Here there is no mind.

Flowers are flowering. Birds are singing.  There are no theories. In the beginning it will be uncomfortable.

Be patient, go through that discomfort; soon you will have an upsurge of energy.

It is dangerous, that's why people avoid it.


To be spontaneous is dangerous because when anger comes, it comes. The mind says, " Think – don't be angry, it may be costly." So you always think and throw your anger on those weaker than you, not on those who are stronger than you. Love can happen but love is not allowed. You can have a loving attitude only towards your wife, but life does not know who is your wife and who is not.


Life is absolutely amoral, it knows no morality. You can fall in love with somebody else's wife, because life knows no relations, no fixed institutions. All institutions are man made; that is the danger.


So the mind says, " Think before – she is not your wife. Don't look in such a loving way, don't smile." Whether you feel it or not is not the point, this is duty. That is how we have killed everybody. Everybody lives in an institution, not in life.