“an act of worship” …………

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

"an act of worship" ............



All the barbarians in the world in the past have been sacrificing human beings — and because it was "an act of worship" they were never thought to be cannibals.

Even today, in the great temple of Calcutta, the temple of Mother Goddess Kali, every day animals are sacrificed — as "an act of worship."

And once they are sacrificed they are distributed amongst the worshippers as the prasad, the gift of God.


When I went in I could not believe my eyes — how cunning the man can be! He wants to eat meat, so he has made it "an act of worship." I asked the high priest of the great temple of Kali in Calcutta: "Do you really believe that it is an act of worship? What happens to the animal's soul ?"


He said, "The animal who is sacrificed is blessed, because he goes directly to paradise."


I said, "Then why don't you sacrifice your father, your mother, your children, and send them directly to paradise?"


It is a simple fact: YOU are not sacrificing. Why have you not sacrificed yourself?

If you have found such a shortcut, then why sacrifice an animal? — who has not asked to go to paradise, and there are millions of people who are continuously thinking of how to reach paradise and enjoy all the pleasures there. Sacrifice them !