Be silent………….Relax … let go … OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

Be silent.............Relax ... let go ...

Be silent,
close your eyes,
feel as if your body is frozen,
and gather all your consciousness inwards,
deeper and deeper.
At the deepest point you are the buddha.
And this buddha
has to become your whole life.
All expressions, actions,
have to arise from this center.
This center is the center of transformation.
Every seeker has been searching for it
down the ages.
This is the ancient path.
On this path
thousands have become awakened.
There is no barrier except fear —
the fear of the unknown.
Drop it.
Just rush towards it without any fear —
it is your own being.
You are not going to meet anybody else
on the way …
there is no question of fear.

Relax … let go …
die to the body,
to the mind,
so only a throbbing consciousness
is left behind.
That is you.
That is me.
That is the very essence of existence.
Just a small taste of this silence,
a little experience of this beauty,
of this truth,
and slowly slowly your whole life
will be transformed
without your even knowing.
Your actions
will start expressing your buddhahood,
your compassion,
your love, your beauty.


I am a man in tremendous love with life and existence.
All that I want to share with you is just to make you aware that if I can become a buddha, there is no reason why you cannot. OSHO