Be true. There will be many, many troubles but each trouble will make you more mature.

Be true. There will be many, many troubles but each trouble will make you more mature.


Be true. There will be many, many troubles but each trouble will make you more mature.


Look at the nature of things. Watch the natural and drop the artificial. The artificial may look beautiful, but it is not alive. Watch the natural and always move with nature. Never move with the artificial. Civilization is artificial, society is artificial — everything seems to be artificial.

A real flower has to pass through millions of hazards. How humble a real flower is… how fragile! In the morning it is there, how fragile! — and against this whole world. Storms come, and clouds come and the rain and animals and children and everything, and against all this a fragile flower exists — that is the beauty. And by the evening it is gone. You will not find it again, it will be there no more — but it is alive.

In the morning it is there in its total beauty, and by the evening it is faded, gone, dust unto dust — but it was alive. Your plastic flower is dead, that’s why it cannot die. Everything alive will die; only dead things never die.

Remember this: don’t be afraid of death, don’t be afraid that things may disappear. Untruth never dies. Truth dies millions of times and resurrects again and again. Remember this. Untruth is like a plastic flower, secure.

That’s why marriage is secure. A marriage which has been arranged by the parents is more secure, by the society, more secure. Love is fragile like a flower in the morning; by the evening it is gone. Nobody knows how it comes, how it goes. It is mysterious. Marriage is nothing mysterious, it is a calculation. You go to the astrologer, he finds the chart, he arranges. Parents are, of course, more wise than you, worldly wise, they have known much. They arrange, they look for many things that a lover will never think about — the money, the prestige and millions of things; they think of security. But when somebody falls in love he cannot think of anything else.

But remember one thing: a dead thing never dies — that is the security in it, but it is dead. It is always possible that an alive thing may disappear any moment; that is the trouble with life — but it is alive, and worth taking all risks for.

Be true. There will be many, many troubles but each trouble will make you more mature. And being true, talking, acting true, you are getting ready for truth to descend. When you attain to a certain maturity, suddenly the door opens. And there is no other way.

On the periphery sometimes you feel I am contradictory; but if you listen not only to my words but to me, to my presence, you will never feel any contradiction. And if you feel, not just think, you will start feeling, by and by, that whatsoever I say is the same. Whether I say it through Heraclitus or through Jesus or through Buddha, Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu — whatsoever I say, I always say the same thing. The language differs, words differ, but not the logos of it.


When you can listen to the logos itself, then you will know; there will be no need to acknowledge it. Then you will know; then there will be no need to trust.

Trust is needed because you don’t know and you need somebody who knows. You need the hand of somebody who knows, who can take you from the known to the unknown, who can take you to the uncharted. And without trust it is not possible; otherwise how will you come with me to the unknown? If you don’t trust me, how can you come with me to the unknown? You will always stick to the boundary of the known. You will say, “Up to here I know and I am safe; beyond this is wilderness. And who are you to take me into the wilderness? And how should I trust you?”

At the boundary where known and unknown meet, there is no way except trust. You have to be in a love affair with a master, nothing less than that will do — because only love can trust. It has to be a heart to heart, depth to depth relationship; it has to be intimate.

That’s why I go on insisting on sannyas and initiation. Unless you trust me, totally, you will cling to the known, you will cling to the mind, you will cling to your ego — and what is the point? You have to take at least one step with me without asking why. Love never asks why because love trusts.

A small child has to trust his father; the father takes his hand and the child follows. He is not worried; wherever the father is going, he goes on, happy. What is going to happen he is not worried about — that is trust. If the child stops and says, “Where are you going and where are you leading me? And what do you mean by trust, how can I trust you?” the child will stop growing immediately, there is no possibility of growth. The child has to trust the mother, the father.

A master is nothing but a father into the unknown. Again you are learning to walk, again you are learning to search and seek, again you are moving into something — you don’t know what it is, where you are headed.