Become creative voids, non-doers, delighters in just being….OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

Become creative voids, non-doers, delighters in just being....

God created the world — in the first place, He is not a creator but a creativity; but to use the old expression — God created the world not because He was unhappy, but because He was so happy that He overflowed; He had so much.

The tree is flowering there in the garden not because it is unhappy. The flower comes only when the tree has too much to share and does not know what to do with it. The flower is an overflowing. When the tree is not well-fed, not well-watered, has not received the right quota of sunlight and care and love, it doesn't flower because flowering is a luxury. It happens only when you have too much, more than you need.

Whenever you have too much, what will you do? It will become a heaviness, it will be a burden; it has to be released.;The tree bursts and blooms, it has come to its luxurious moment.

The world is the luxury of God: a flowering. He has so much — what to do with it? He shares, He throws it out, He starts expanding, He starts creating.

But remember always, He is not a creator like a painter who paints. The painter is separate from the painting. If the painter dies, the painting will still live. God is a creator like a dancer: the dance and the dancer are one. If the dancer stops, the dance stops.
You cannot separate the dance from the dancer, you cannot say to the dancer, "Give your dance to me, I will take it home. I am ready to purchase it." The dance cannot be purchased. It is one of the most spiritual things in the world because it cannot be purchased. You cannot carry it away, you cannot make a commodity out of it. When the dancer is dancing, it is there; when the dancer has stopped, it has disappeared as if it never existed.

God IS creativity. It is not that He created somewhere in the past and then stopped and rested. And since then what has He been doing? No, He is continuously creating. God is not an event, He is a process.

It is not that once He created and then stopped. Then the world would be dead. He is continuously creating, just like birds are singing and trees are flowering and the clouds are moving in the sky. He is creating — and He need not take any rest because creativity is not an act; you cannot be tired. It is out of His nothingness.

This is the meaning when we have said in the East that God is emptiness. Only nothingness can be infinite; somethingness is bound to be finite. Only out of nothingness is an infinite expanse of life, existence, possible — not out of somethingness. God is not somebody: He is nobody or, more correctly, nobodiness. God is not something: He is nothing or, even more correctly, no-thingness. He is a creative void — what Buddha has called SUNYA. He is a creative void.

What am I teaching to you? I am teaching you the same: to become creative voids, non-doers, delighters in just being. That is why the question is bound to come to everybody's mind sometime or other. You ask: "Sometimes I wonder what I am doing here." You wonder rightly — you are doing nothing here.

Your mind may supply answers, but don't listen to them. Listen to my answer. You are not doing anything here; I am not teaching you to do something. Your mind may say that you are learning meditation: you are doing meditation, yoga, this, that or you are trying to achieve enlightenment, satori, SAMADHI — all nonsense.