Celebration is possible only when existence is a continuous newness…OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

Celebration is possible only when existence is a continuous newness...


A meditative mind always lives in the new, in the fresh. The whole existence is newly born — as fresh as a dewdrop, as fresh as a leaf coming out in the spring. It is just like the eyes of a newborn babe: everything is fresh, clear, with no dust on it. This is the first thing to be felt.


If you look at the world and feel everything is old, it shows you are not meditative. When you feel everything is old, it shows you have an old mind, a rotten mind. If your mind is fresh, the world is fresh.


The world is not the question, the mirror is the question. If there is dust on the mirror the world is old; if there is no dust on the mirror how can the world be old? If things get old you will live in boredom; everybody lives in boredom; everybody is bored to death.


Look at people's faces. They carry life as a burden — boring, with no meaning. It seems that everything is just a nightmare, a very cruel joke, that somebody is playing a trick, torturing them.


Life is not a celebration, it cannot be. With a mind burdened by memory life cannot be a celebration.


Even if you laugh, your laughter carries boredom.


Look at people laughing: they laugh with an effort. Their laugh may be just to be mannerly, their laugh may be just etiquette. It is a mental thing, they are making an effort; their laughter is false. It is painted, it is just on the lips, it is an exercise of the face. It is not coming from their being, from the source, it is not coming from the belly; it is a created thing.


It is obvious that we are bored, and whatsoever we do will come out of this boredom and will create more boredom. You cannot celebrate.


Celebration is possible only when existence is a continuous newness, and existence is always young. When nothing grows old, when nothing really dies — because everything is constantly reborn — it becomes a dance. Then it is an inner music flowing. Whether you play an instrument or not is not the point, the music is flowing.