Coming close to me…OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

Coming close to me...


Just come a little closer. People are afraid of coming closer, particularly to a person like me.

The fear is that coming closer to me they may be dissolved.
Coming closer to me they may disappear.

So they keep a certain distance, they come only so far, so they can remain themselves; if the time comes and their mind decides to move away, they can.
But if you come really close, that means you have taken a total jump, a quantum leap; now there is no going away, now there is no possibility of going away.

Now you are melting and dissolving into the unknown. People come close but only so far, so they can escape if they want to, they can turn their back if they want.

Do you know the meaning of the word "hippie"? It simply means showing your hips — turning your back. The hippie is one who is turning his back towards the world, its problems, its challenges; he is running, escaping.

Coming close to me… don't stop as long as you are, only then your candle will be lighted. And this is the beauty of candles: you can light one candle in this room, or one thousand candles in this room. The candles may be one thousand, but the light will be one. So when a disciple comes too close to the master, the candles remain two, but the light becomes one.

The flames remain two. That's why I have to make a seemingly contradictory statement: that when you dissolve into the master, for the first time you are not, and for the first time you are. You are not your old self, but now you have a new individuality. What you have lost was never yours; what you have gained was always yours, but was covered with the false.

Two lighted candles will create only one light in the room. There can be two thousand, there can be two million — it will not make any difference, the light will be one. So in a certain way they will all be individuals, and in a certain way they will all be part of an oceanic existence.