Enlightenment happens now and here…

Enlightenment happens now and here..


Enlightenment happens now and here..


This world has to be loved, this world has to be respected, this world has to be your temple, your mosque, your church. This world has to be your gratefulness, your gratitude.


Enlightenment is not something of another world. Enlightenment happens now and here.

And enlightenment is nothing but a purity of everything that you are. It is not renunciation, it is rejoicing.


I am changing the very definition of sannyas. Up to now sannyas has been defined as renouncing the world. That has been a calamity. Millions of people have renounced the world who could have created a better world, more beautiful. I change the definition of sannyas. I say it is not renouncing, it is rejoicing.


Rejoice in your love, rejoice in your songs.


Rejoice in your music, rejoice in your dance.


Rejoice in these beautiful trees – these innocent sounds of the birds.


Rejoice in the night full of stars.


We have the most perfect world and there is no other world – but we have to get in tune with it. We have to become one with it.


Enlightenment is not something special, it is simply a purified consciousness in which thousands of flowers of love and intelligence and truth and peace and silence grow on their own accord.