Food is intimacy, it is love…

Food is intimacy, it is love...


Food is intimacy, it is love...


Friends eat together, so if you see a stranger coming near you when you are eating you will feel uncomfortable. Strangers feel uncomfortable if they eat together.

That’s why in a hotel, in a restaurant, things have gone very wrong. Because you are eating with strangers the food becomes poisonous; you are so strained and tense.

It is not a family you are not relaxed.

Food prepared by someone who loves you has a different quality altogether; even the chemical quality changes. And psychologists say when your wife is angry don’t allow her to prepare food; it becomes poisonous.

It is difficult, because the wife is almost always angry. And psychologists say when you are eating, if your wife starts creating trouble — talking, arguing — stop eating.

But then you will die, because the wife almost always creates trouble while you are eating.

This is a very non-loving world.

The wife knows, if she has a small understanding, that the worst time to create any conflict is while the husband is taking food, because when he is strained, tense, not relaxed, food becomes poisonous and it will take a longer time to digest it.

Psychologists say twice the time will be needed to digest the food and the whole body suffers.

Food is intimacy, it is love.