God is creativity, not a Creator….OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

God is creativity, not a Creator....

God is creativity. To say that God is the Creator is already to falsify Him, but to say, "God is creativity," will not be understandable. Then people will think: then why use 'God'? — just `creativity' will do. We say, "God is the Creator," but because of this expression much nonsense arises. Then when did He create the world? Then why didn't He create it before? Why couldn't He create it before, why did He create it at the time He created it? Why has He created it the way it is? Why can't He improve it?

So much misery, so much suffering in the world, and He is the Creator. Then God becomes the culprit. Then we feel angry: if He is the Creator then He is responsible for all. Why can't He change it? Then all sorts of problems arise, and theologians go on answering these questions.

In the first place, they need not arise if you look at the thing directly. God is not the Creator, He is creativity. Creativity is His being. He has always been creating; He cannot be on a holiday from His creativity. That is not possible; you cannot go on a holiday from your innermost nature — no. Whatsoever you can leave is not your nature; that which you CANNOT leave is your nature.

God's nature is creativity. He has always been creating. And there is no other way: the only way the world can exist is how it exists. It is the only way. Whatsoever you think or condemn or appreciate is meaningless. It is like going to a rose and asking, "Why do you only have so many petals? A few more could be there. What was wrong? " But if a few more were there, the same question would have again been relevant.

Whatsoever the world, the mind will always create questions. So those who know, drop the mind and accept the world. And there are only two ways: either accept the mind and be against the world, or accept the world and drop the mind. This is the only way things are and can be, and there is nobody you can complain to and there is nobody who can listen to your complaints and improve.

God is creativity, not a Creator.

ALL THINGS WERE MADE BY HIM — all things really are made OF Him, not BY Him! — AND WITHOUT HIM WAS NOT ANYTHING MADE THAT WAS MADE. And not only in the past — even now whenever a thing is created He is the creator, you are only the instrument.

You paint a picture or you write a song. What do you think — you are the creator? In the moment of deep creativity you disappear, God again starts functioning. So it is not a question of the past. Wherever and whenever creativity happens, it is always through Him. Ask all the great poets. They will say that whenever great poems have descended on them, they were, at the most, passive receivers. It happened; they were not the creators.

The idea that you can create is simply your illusion. All creativity belongs to Him. Even through you, whatsoever is created He is the creator. To understand this is a great illumination. To understand this the ego disappears; to understand this is to allow Him to take total possession of you. You become an instrument, and in small things, great things become possible. Then He moves through you. If you dance, He dances. You are, at the most, the field where He dances. When you sing, He sings. You are, at the most, the flute, the empty flute, which just becomes a passage to it. At the most you can allow — it is always He who is doing things.

This is what I mean when I say `float', when I say `flow with the river'. Allow His creativity to flow through you. Don't impose any pattern on Him; don't impose your will. If you can allow yourself to be totally possessed, there is no misery and you are no more a human being.