God is more like a dancer. I am one of His movements…

God is more like a dancer. I am one of His movements...


God is more like a dancer. I am one of His movements...

In the East, God is not a person — God is the very stuff the universe is made of. God is not a creator — God is creativity. And the creator and the creation are just two aspects of the same creative energy.

In the West, the idea is something like a painter making a picture, a painting. By the time the painting is complete, the painting is separate from the painter. Then the painter can die, but the painting will remain. In the East, we don’t think of God and the world as a painter and a painting — we think of God as a dancer, nataraj. You cannot separate the dancer from the dance; if the dancer goes, the dance goes. If the dance stops, then the person is no more a dancer. Dancer and dancing exist together; they cannot exist separately; you cannot separate them.

God is more like a dancer. I am one of His movements; you are also one of His movements — you may recognize it, you may not recognize it. The only difference in the world is that a few people recognize that they are Gods and a few people don’t recognize that they are Gods. The difference is not of your being, it is only of recognition.

The more and more you love, the more and more you become understanding and aware, the more and more you will feel something is missing.

“I have heard him and yet still I am deaf to his teaching” — you have really heard me. Only then can this feeling arise. If hearing me you think you have understood me, you are really deaf — not only deaf, you are stupid also.

I am saying something about the ineffable. I am saying something about the ultimate mystery. You can understand it, yet you can never understand it totally. It is elusive, it escapes. It is within reach, but it is not within grasp. You are always coming closer and closer to it, but you never arrive. And the day you arrive, then you are no more there; the distinction between the seeker and the sought disappears. Then you are it. That art thou — then you are it! That is the moment of culmination.

I would like to tell Go happily. go in insecurity, go in freedom; go independent — there is no need to lean on anything or anybody. Don’t use me as a crutch. Allow me to help you to become independent, to be free of me and to be free of everything. You have not missed me. I have fallen like a seed into your heart. Just watch prayerfully, wait with deep gratitude, and in the right time the seed will sprout.


from: A Sudden Clash of Thunder Ch.6