Growth needs many many opportunities, challenges……OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

Growth needs many many opportunities, challenges......

A farmer, an old farmer, mature, seasoned, one day was very very angry with God — and he was a great devotee. He said to God in his morning prayer, "I have to tell it as it is — enough is enough! You don't understand even the ABC of agriculture!

When the rains are needed there are no rains; when the rains are not needed you go on pouring them. What nonsense is this? If you don't understand agriculture you can ask me — I have devoted my whole life to it. Give me one chance: the coming season, let ME decide and see what happens."

It is an ancient story. In those days people had such trust that they could talk directly to God, and their trust was such that the answer was bound to happen.

God said, "Okay, this season you decide!"

So the farmer decided, and he was very happy because whenever he wanted sun there was sun, whenever he wanted rain there was rain, whenever he wanted clouds there were clouds. And he avoided all dangers, all the dangers that could become destructive to his crops; he simply rejected them — no strong winds, no possibility of any destruction to his crops.

And his wheat started growing higher than anybody had ever seen; it was going above man's height. And he was very happy. He thought, "Now I will show him!"

And then the crop was cut and he was very puzzled. There was no wheat at all — just empty husks with no wheat in them. What happened? Such big plants — plants big enough to have given wheat four times bigger than ordinary wheat — but there was no wheat at all.

And suddenly he heard laughter from the clouds. God laughed and he said, "Now what do you say?"
The farmer said, "I am puzzled, because there was no possibility of destruction and all that was helpful was provided. And the plants were going so well, and the crop was so green and so beautiful! What happened to my wheat?"

God said, "Because there was no danger — you avoided all dangers — it was impossible for the wheat to grow. It needs challenges."

Challenge brings integrity; otherwise a person remains hollow, empty. If all facilities are provided for you and there is no danger in your life, you will remain hollow and empty. God gives life with all its dangers. God created the world as an opportunity to grow.
Growth needs many many opportunities, challenges.