Happiness is when you are in tune with reality….OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

Happiness is when you are in tune with reality....


Happiness is when you are in tune with reality.

Happiness is a harmony between you and the real.

So if you are unhappy, remember, you must be going away from reality.

Be aware that you must be somehow not falling in line with reality.


There must be a conflict between you and the real, and of course you cannot win against the real; there is no way.

You have tried all the ways.

The whole humanity has tried all the ways possible, but there is no way to win over reality and against reality.


You have to follow reality, you have to come into a deep accordance with reality, in tune with it.

You have to become a note in the great orchestra that reality is — not fighting but surrendering, submitting to it, ready to dissolve into it.


That is what Bauls call love: the readiness to dissolve into reality, the readiness to merge, melt, the readiness to be one with reality.

You will be losing something — your dreams, your individuality, your ego; you will be losing that separation.

You will disappear as a drop of water, but it is nothing to be worried about, because you will become the ocean.

You will not be what you have been up to now: your ego, confined in a form, in a name.

Your fences will disappear. You will not be an island, you will become part of the continent, you will become the continent.