I am not here — don’t you be there. And then something will happen….OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

I am not here -- don't you be there. And then something will happen....

Listen to me not like a philosopher but like a poet.

You are never conditioned by a poet.

You can enjoy poetry, but you are never conditioned by it.

You are not conditioned by roseflowers — you can enjoy, you can celebrate, but you are not conditioned. A beautiful sunrise or a sunset, or a full moon in the night — are you being conditioned?

You can celebrate, you can enjoy, you can dance with them, you can sing with them, but you are not conditioned by them.

Think of me as a poet, a painter, a dancer; never think about me as a philosopher or a theologian. I am not. What I am doing here is poetry, sheer poetry.

I am not giving you any ideology, so there is no question of being conditioned.

But you have to look in the right way, otherwise there is every possibility of your being conditioned by me.

If you listen to me just to gather knowledge, you will be conditioned.

If you listen to me in such tremendous depth and profundity that it is not a question of gathering knowledge but a meeting of the hearts, a communion..

Minds are conditioned, always conditioned; they are ready to be conditioned. Minds are bio-computers: they go on absorbing whatsoever is heard. It is a mechanical thing. Put the mind off while listening to me. Be a heart — love, trust. Listen to me in deep emptiness.

Don't be there! I am not here — don't you be there. And then something will happen, something will transpire between me and you. Between two nothingnesses the river of truth starts flowing. And it is never conditioning: it is always unconditioning. It will wash your whole being, it will give you a shower; it will cleanse you, purify you.