I don’t see why things should be kept secret and unnecessarily made important….OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

I don't see why things should be kept secret and unnecessarily made important....


You go totally… and the teenager can go more totally than anybody else.

He is becoming sexually ripe, or has become ripe, and he has more sexual potential than anybody else, more than he will ever have again in his life.
These are the most precious moments.

Do not waste them in reading geography, in reading histories about all kinds of idiots — Tamerlane, Nadirshah, Alexander the Great, Ivan the Terrible — all of no use.

Make love to a girl. Ask any older boy, ask your teachers, ask your father, ask your mother how to make love. There are manuals available; go to the library and find out.
It is not a difficult job, just a little gymnastics…

In the beginning you will feel a little awkward about what you are doing.
But soon you will become accustomed that this is the way the whole of humanity has been doing it for millions of years. This is the way you were born, so there is nothing to be embarrassed about.

This must be the beauty of your teachers, your educational system, your parents, your friends — to help you. The help can be possible in many ways.

The teenager certainly needs help; perhaps man alone is the only animal in the whole world who needs sexual education. No animal needs it; instinctively they start doing things — they don't consult any expert. But with man there is difficulty; he has to learn it.

The difficulty has become greater because nobody talks about it, particularly in front of children. Parents don't make love in front of children, which is ugly. That will be the right place for children to learn, to see how their parents make love.

All children know that their parents are doing things behind their backs, and this discredits their respect, their honor towards the parents.

Parents should invite the children: "Sit down and watch because sooner or later you will have to do the same gymnastics we are doing. It is better to learn and then do them; otherwise you may go on a wrong track, into some perversion."

In the schools, in the colleges they are only thinking about how to introduce the subject, and even when a few schools and colleges introduce the subject, they make it almost theoretical.

What about the practical?

Each subject, they know, needs a practical period: Chemistry you cannot teach only theoretically, physics you cannot teach only theoretically — you have a practical period.

What about love? Why cannot teachers demonstrate? The whole college can see — just one lady teacher, one man teacher making love, and the whole college will know.

It is such a simple exercise. I don't see why things should be kept secret and unnecessarily made important. They should be simple.

Socrates Poisoned Again After 25 Centuries CH. 23