I will go on throwing you upon yourself…..OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

I will go on throwing you upon yourself.....


There is a story about a Chinese monk who was celebrating. Somebody asked, "Why are you celebrating? What has happened?"


He said, "This is my Master's birthday."


The Master had died, but the questioner was worried. He said, "But as far as I remember, you approached that Master many times and he always refused to become your Master — so why are you celebrating? Because this ceremony is to be done only by a disciple who has been accepted by the Master. So why are you bothering? In fact, he rejected you so many times!"


The man started laughing. He said, "Because he rejected me, I fell upon myself. And the day I realised my being, I felt grateful to him. He is my Master. If he had not rejected me I might not have arrived — because in fact I was trying to find some support, somebody to lean on. I was not really interested in becoming absolutely individual and free.


"I was talking about liberation, but I was not really trying to be liberated. I was trying to find a beautiful cage, a beautiful prison — some holy prison, some religious pattern. But this man was simply incredible! How many times I approached him! — and he would just throw me out, and he would say, 'Go home! I am not your Master.' And now I know he was my Master and this was his teaching. His rejection was his acceptance, because he could see through me that this was the only way I could grow. That's why he rejected me. But by rejecting me he accepted me."


Can you see the point of it?

I will go on throwing you upon yourself.

Sometimes you will feel hurt.

Sometimes a great pain will arise in you.

But one day, finally when you come home, you will be thankful that I never became a crutch to you.