If you are happy, everybody will become suspicious of you…

If you are happy, everybody will become suspicious of you...


If you are happy, everybody will become suspicious of you...



IT SEEMS SO. At least up to now it has been insane. Man is not born insane but is driven towards insanity by the priests, by the politicians, by the parents, by your whole educational system, by your morality, by all that is enforced upon you, by all the conditionings. You are driven insane.

Man need not be insane, but it has not been possible yet to accept man in his naturalness. We create a structure around him, we prune him, we go on and on giving a certain form and pattern to him, we don’t allow him to be himself

And that’s my whole effort here: to accept humanity with deep respect, love, trust, so that man can regain his sanity. And the problem is that man is driven insane by your so-called well-wishers. The people who are trying to help you are the people who are poisoning you.

Great mischief is being done by public servants, missionaries, by the so-called saints. They are the most mischievous people in the world — not intentionally, not consciously, but that’s the ultimate result of whatsoever they have been doing. they have been driven insane by other saints and they are driving you insane. And if you don’t follow them you feel guilty; if you follow them you become hypocrites. They don’t leave you any other alternative, only two alternatives: either be insane like them or feel guilty. And both the alternatives are ill, sickening.

Watch life all around you and you will find in every possible way that man is insane.

Nobody wants you to be happy. If you are happy, everybody will become suspicious of you: “YOU are up to something. Why you are looking so happy?” If you are sad you are accepted — you are part of the crowd. Everybody is sad and you are also sad; it fits. But if you are dancing and rejoicing then you are crazy, mad. Then you have to be put into a hospital, you have to be treated, given electric shocks or something, because how you can be happy? How you can be so blissful? When the whole humanity is suffering, you have to suffer.

And the crowd has always been against the people who were blissful. They crucified Jesus, they poisoned Socrates, they murdered Mansoor; and their only sin was that they were trying to be blissful, that they were not part of the mob, the sad, sick society. They were trying to be individuals.

The marriage counselor was asking a woman some questions about her disposition. “Did you wake up grumpy this morning?”
“No,” she answered. “I let him sleep.”

A leading sexologist interviewed on television was asked, “What do you think of the view that impotence is on the rise?”

“I think the question is self-contradictory!” he replied.

It is an insane world!


from : I am that ch. 6