If you are not yourself, how can you be happy ?

Nataraj Meditation


If you are not yourself, how can you be happy ?

If you are not yourself, how can you be happy ?

The whole existence is blissful because the rock is rock, the tree is tree, the river is river the ocean is ocean. Nobody is bothering to become somebody else; otherwise they would all go nuts. And that’s what has happened to man.

You are being taught from the very childhood not to be yourself, but the way it is said is very clever, cunning. They say, “ You have to become like Krishna like Buddha, “ and they paint Buddha and Krishna in such a way that a great desire arises in you to be a Buddha, to be a Jesus, to be a Krishna. This desire is the root cause of your misery.

I was also told the same things that you have been told, but from my very childhood I made it a point that whatsoever the consequence I was not going to be deviated from myself. Right or wrong I am going to remain myself. Even if I end up in hell I will have at least the satisfaction that I followed my own course of life. If it leads to hell, then it leads to hell.

Following others ‘ advice and ideals and disciplines, even if I end up in paradise I will not be happy there, because I will have been forced against my will.

Try to understand the point. If it is against your will, even in paradise you will be in hell. But following your natural course of being, even in hell you will be in paradise.

Paradise is where your real being flowers.

Hell is where you are crushed and something else is imposed on you.