If you want to understand a Buddha, his words, you have to watch his life…OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

If you want to understand a Buddha, his words, you have to watch his life...

WORDS HAVE THEIR OWN MAGIC, and the poets, the singers, live in the magical world of words, not of realities. They are skillful, very skillful and efficient, as far as the delicate, subtle waves of words, imagination, dreams is concerned, but all that they go on doing is utterly unconscious.

The poet lives unconsciously, the seer livers consciously. Sometimes their words are exactly the same — don't be deceived by the words. If you really want to know whether those words represent reality or just empty wishes you have to look into the life of the man.

Wilhelm Reich has written about how to get rid of jealousy — because jealousy is THE poison for love, it destroys the roots of love. And Wilhelm Reich is one of the greatest creative psychoanalysts after Sigmund Freud.

But his wife writes something else — she writes about him: "I have never seen such a jealous person in my life. He was taking all kinds of freedom, he was moving with many women!" — because he was talking about freedom and that relationship should not be any kind of bondage, but about his wife he was very jealous.

Almost twenty-four hours a day he was detecting, spying on where she was, with whom she was, what she was doing, was she looking happy with the man. When he went out of the town he would tell his friends to keep watch….

Finally his wife had to divorce him — it was too much of a torture. He was taking every kind of freedom — he was moving with many women — and his wife was not even allowed to have friends, not to mention lovers.

You have to look into the LIFE of the person, because only that is decisive.

Buddha is reported to have said: "Don't be too bothered about what I say, rather look at me, rather watch me, rather feel me.

Let the words disappear. Don't let the words stand between me and you. Experience my silence, feel the energy that surrounds me, resonate with me — only then will you be able to understand what I am saying."

If you want to understand a Buddha, his words, you have to watch his life.
Buddha has also said, very poignantly: "Don't follow my words, rather, follow what I am doing, follow what I am being."