INDIA IS SUCH A SACRED COUNTRY…No country is sacred. No geography is sacred….OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

INDIA IS SUCH A SACRED COUNTRY...No country is sacred. No geography is sacred....




First, never be befooled by such slogans. No country is sacred, no country has ever been sacred.


It is only rarely that one individual in millions becomes sacred — countries are not sacred.


Just because Buddha was in India, has India become sacred?


Does that mean because Albert Einstein was born in Germany, so Germany has become mathematical?


Does that mean if some country has produced a great painter, the country has become artistic?


That does not mean anything.


No country can be artistic because it has given birth to a Picasso, and no country can be a musical country because a Wagner is born there or a Mozart.


No country can be sacred because a Buddha or a Mahavir is born there.


Jesus was not born in India. Mohammed was not born in India. Zarathustra was not born in India. Lao Tzu was not born in India. Sacred people have been coming to the world in different places. Places have nothing to do with it — places are just places. Buddha is born, but only one in a million.


And what about the million fools?


And if you judge by number, then every country is a foolish country, because it produces millions of fools and rarely a Buddha!


No country is sacred. No geography is sacred. No history is sacred.


That quality of sacredness happens only to individuals, because a country has no soul to become holy.


A country has no individuality, only individuals have souls. And meditation happens in a soul, not in a country.


And meditation happens in an individuality, not in a collectivity, not in a society.


Remember it.


Although every country tries to prove itself the best in some way or other, it is part of the game of ego.


Every country thinks I am incomparable. You can go to any country, and every country thinks deep inside that it is higher than others, holier than others, more moral than others, this and that.


This is part of our egoistic mind which is being projected in the name of the country — sometimes in the name of religion. Every religion thinks This is the highest religion there is: my religion.


My religion has to be the highest because it is my religion.


And I am the greatest person in the world — how can it be otherwise?


No country is sacred.


Yes, there have been only few and far in-between individuals: a Buddha, a Christ, a Zarathustra, a Mohammed — they can be counted on one's fingers.


These are sacred people. But they have been coming to every part and place of the world, they have been coming to every poisonous.Never be trapped by such slogans.


These slogans are dangerous, poisonous.