Just be here for and put your mind aside. And meditate. Meditation will enhance everything….OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

Just be here for and put your mind aside. And meditate. Meditation will enhance everything....


[A visitor says: I don't really know why I'm here. I was invited by my friends. I find in my life maybe three things that give me joy — not just ordinary joy, a divine joy — my work and being in love and my children. I want to try to see if there's more because I still am unable to understand what has drawn, what has magnetised my friend, to give up her children to come here.]


You will have glimpses. And whatsoever you have known as joy up to now is a good background, but it is not the end of the story. Children and work are good, beautiful, but not the end of the story… just the very beginning… the beginning of the beginning. Much more is waiting.And for people like you, much is possible very easily. People ordinarily become interested in meditation or that type of thing only when they are miserable, only when they have failed in their love, only when they have not been able to be joyful with their children only when their work is frustrating them.


So people come to meditation in a very negative mood. Even then, meditation gives them deep glimpses of joy.So for a person like you…. It is very rare to find a person like you who can say, 'I am feeling joy — not just joy but divine joy — with my children, my work, and with my love.' It is very rare… these people have disappeared from the world.


So for people like you, meditation can become a tremendous transformation because you come with a very positive background. That's why you don't know why you are here. People who come out of misery know why they are here. They have some problem so they have come to solve it. You don't know because you don't have any problem.


[She answers: Oh, I certainly have problems, but … ]


No, in this way — you are not miserable, you are happy, you enjoy your children, your work, your love; you have something in your life which you cherish, you feel a sort of contentment with your life.


Everybody has problems, but those problems have not destroyed your work, have not destroyed your relationship. So those problems are growth problems — everybody has to face them: they are good, they enhance life.


But if you start with this background, a sort of happy background, positive, then much more is possible because you will be floating with the current — and people are fighting against the current. Even then, they attain to many blissful states.


So just try. Forget why you are here. Just be here for and put your mind aside. And meditate. Meditation will enhance everything. It is not against anything, so whatsoever you do, it will make you more contented. You will be a better wife, a better lover, a better mother. Only one thing has to be remembered in meditation: that is, don't wait for the result. Don't go on looking out of the comer of your eyes to see what is happening. That is a disturbance. Simply do it — and you can. Enjoy it. Let it be intrinsic. The value is not in the result but in the very activity of it. Dance, sing, breathe and feel… and move into it. Don't think that something great is going to happen out of it. It happens — but it happens only when you are not waiting for it. People who are too interested in the result, miss it.