Just enjoy the day with good Luagher…

Just enjoy the day with good Luagher...


Just enjoy the day with good Luagher...

You will have to go deep into the psychology of frustration. The first thing to remember is that you are frustrated, you are fed up, you are bored only if you were expecting otherwise.

I am not fed up, and I don’t see any possibility… To the very last breath I will remain with the same wondering eyes I was born with. I am also living in the same world in which you are living. I am not bored, because I never expected anything. Hence frustration is impossible.

Just enjoy the day with good Luagher………

It was a very special day in Paddy’s household and Maureen came down to breakfast with an air of expectancy.

“This is our tenth wedding anniversary,” she whispered to Paddy, who was reading the newspaper, “so let’s have a chicken from our own farm and celebrate.”
Paddy looked up and said, “Why kill an innocent bird for what happened ten years ago?”

“Some young man is trying to get into my room through the window,” screamed old Mrs. Kleinman into the telephone.

“Sorry, lady,” came back the answer, “you’ve got the fire department. What you want is the police department.”
“No, no,” she pleaded, “I want the fire department. What he needs is a longer ladder!”

“My poor husband,” said Mrs. Ginsberg to her psychoanalyst, dragging her husband behind her. “He’s convinced he’s a parking meter.”

The analyst looked at the silent, morbid fellow and asked, “Why doesn’t he say something for himself? Can’t he talk?”
“How can he,” said Mrs. Ginsberg, “with all those coins in his mouth?”

Accept your limitations, accept your imperfections. That’s what it means to be a human being! And accept yourself as you are — with joy, not in helplessness. Because GOD accepts you — this is my basic teaching — God accepts you, accept yourself; love yourself. Let there be a great upsurge of self-love. And out of that love you will start becoming creative; a person who loves himself is bound to become creative. I am not saying he will become famous; I am not saying that he will be a Picasso or an Ezra Pound or a Pablo Neruda, no — he may be, he may not be. But that is irrelevant! The real thing is to enjoy creativity. Whatsoever you do, do it with joy, bring your total intelligence to it, be meditative in it.