Just go on watching, only watching helps….OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

Just go on watching, only watching helps....

Moods change just as the climate changes. Unless you go beyond the mind, it is a continuous change. Only beyond the mind is there no change. Then one lives in a timeless moment. Then there is only one taste always, no oscillation, no fluctuation. With the mind you cannot have that.

The mind lives in movement, it is movement, change — it cannot exist without change. Even if it stops for a single moment you will slip out of it, so it can't stop; it has to continue its game. You are finished with one game, it immediately creates another. In fact, before you are finished with one game it has already prepared another.

Before the stage is vacated it has prepared other actors to come on the stage and engage you again. Behind the stage is constant preparation — that's what goes on in the unconscious. The conscious mind is just a lighted stage. The unconscious is the green room where other actors are getting ready.

Slowly, slowly you will see it more clearly and the more clearly you see it, the less important it will be. You will be less and less affected by it. One day the perception comes so loud, so utterly transparent, that in that very moment you have taken the jump, you have gone beyond the mind. You are standing on a hilltop and now every game is there in the valley — you are beyond it. It doesn't matter that much.

No understanding is going to help, only transcendence helps. No explanation is of any value. Millions of explanations have been given and tried. For the moment it may satisfy you but sooner or later again you see that the explanation is there but the game continues, so what is the point?

Then you become fed up with one explanation and you search for another. Then that too becomes a game: one game is continuing and another game of explanations, of philosophies starts side by side, parallel to it. One can go on and on in this way: one game behind another behind another behind another. You can make a queue and it becomes more complicated.

This is my observation, that people who know much become incapable of transcending. They know all explanations, they know all kinds of psychoanalysis so they think they know… and they know nothing. So it is not a question of getting explanations. Just go on watching, only watching helps. Slowly, slowly, watching deepens, the witness arises, and one day suddenly you are cut off. The mind is there and you are there but there is no bridge: the thing has happened. In the Upanishads they have a metaphor…

Two birds are sitting on a tree, one at the top of the tree, unmoving, sitting silently like a buddha; another bird, on the lower branches, jumping from this branch to that, desiring this fruit and that, trying to follow this idea and that, worried, puzzled, anxious, restless….

The Upanishads say that these two birds are in everybody; life is a tree and these two birds are in everybody. The lower is the mind, the higher is the witness; the witness is still sitting there at the top. When the lower will get tired, really tired, it will look up. In that very looking up, it disappears into the higher bird and becomes one with it. Then there is only one bird, then all restlessness is gone.
Just wait, go on watching….