Life is a river; it goes on moving, changing….OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

Life is a river; it goes on moving, changing....




Why do people live in such misery? — for the simple reason that they cling to things.


The moment you cling you are creating misery for yourself,


because nothing is going to be permanent here.


Life is a river; it goes on moving, changing.


You can't even predict the next moment.


So if you cling to something and the next moment you find it slipping out of your hands,


you will be in great pain, great misery.


And the irony is: if you don't lose it and it remains with you, fulfilling your desire,


then too, one day you are going to be very fed up…


because the mind always requires the new to remain distracted.


The mind is always searching for novelty, for something new.


You love a woman, but still, once in a while an ordinary woman,


who may not even be as beautiful as your own woman, attracts you.


You seem puzzled: "Why does it happen?"


Just that the mind always wants something new.


The mind cannot remain with one thing for long,


so if you lose it you are in grief, if you don't lose it you are in grief.


Either way grief happens.Buddha says: