Life is like tightrope walking….OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

Life is like tightrope walking....


Your heart has been denied for so many lives that when it erupts it is going to create great chaos in your life.


First you suffer from the mind, its tensions, anxieties; and then you can suffer from the explosion of the heart. That's what happens when a man breaks down.


First he suffers from the tense state of the mind, and then one day the heart takes its revenge, erupts, and the man goes mad, goes berserk.Both situations are bad.


First the sanity was too much — that created the insanity.


A really sane person is one who can live between sanity and insanity in absolute balance.


A really sane person always has some insanity in him — he accepts it.


A really rational person is one who respects irrationality too, because life is such.


If you cannot laugh because of your reason — because 'laughter is ridiculous' — then you are bound for trouble, you are destined for trouble.


Yes, logic is good, laughter too is good — and laughter brings balance.


It is good to be serious, it is good to be non-serious too, and there should be a constant balancing.


Have you seen a tightrope walker? He continuously balances himself. Sometimes he leans to the left with his staff, and then he comes to a point where if he leans a single moment more, he will fall. He immediately changes his balance, goes to the other side — to the right — leans to the right.


Then again a moment comes when one single moment more and he will be gone; he again starts leaning to the left. That's how he proceeds: leaning to the left, to the right, he keeps in between.


That's the beauty — leaning to the left and to the right, leaning toward both extremes, he keeps in between.If you want to keep yourself in between you will have to lean toward both sides again and again. You are not to choose. If you choose, you will fall.


If you have chosen the head, you will fall; you will hypertense. If you choose the heart and forget the head completely, you will become -mad. And if you want to choose anyhow, if you want to choose, then choose being mad.


Choose the heart, because it is more essential. But I am not saying that you should choose.


If you insist and you say 'I HAVE to choose', then be mad rather than just dry and sane.


Be of the heart.

Love, love madly; sing, sing madly; dance, dance madly.

That is far better than just becoming calculating, logical, rational, and just suffering nightmares.


But I am not saying… it is not my suggestion that you do that.


My suggestion is to remain choiceless. 'Choiceless awareness' is the key word.

Remain choiceless, aware, and whenever you see that something is going off-balance, lean to the other side.

Bring the balance again, and this is how one moves.


Life is like tightrope walking.