Life should be a sowing of seeds — of pleasure, of songs….osho

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

Life should be a sowing of seeds -- of pleasure, of songs....

I have heard… in a holiday resort in California, a beautiful limousine stopped in front of a hotel. A woman came out and asked the manager, "Send out four persons immediately. My son has to be taken to the room which is reserved."

The manager of course thought that the son must be crippled. He sent four strong men, because he saw that the son was very fat. But those four people found that he had perfect legs. Why should he be carried, like a corpse? Even the manager was amazed — a beautiful boy, not more than twelve years old, but so fat. The manager asked the woman, who was the mother of the child, "Why are you… is he sick? Is there some problem? Why is he being carried? Can't he walk just a few steps?"

She said, "We can afford it. Walking is for those who are poor. My son will never walk; he has always been carried by servants."

But do you think this son will ever live if he is not allowed to walk because the mother can afford servants? If he cannot walk, can you imagine that he will ever dance? — servants can dance. Will he ever love? — servants can do that.

Love is a great exercise. It must be remembered that not a single human being, man or woman, has ever died while making love. No heart attack…. People have been dying in all kinds of situations, but never while making love, because while making love their life comes to its climax. That is not the moment to die; that is the moment to live, and drink the juice. No man has ever died of a heart attack while making love — that is the safest way to survive. The most dangerous place is your bed: ninety-nine percent of people die in the bed, remember that! When everybody is gone, just slip onto the floor if you want not to die; it is up to you — but the bed is the most dangerous place.


Life should be a sowing of seeds — of pleasure, of songs — and life should be a harvest of the summer.

An authentic man who has lived totally, without being disturbed by all kinds of idiots — Christian, Hindu, Mohammedan…. They are dead, and they don't want you to live either. They have been stupid, and they are jealous that you may live and enjoy. So in every temple, every synagogue, every church, whatever is being taught is against life, against love, against enjoyment, against pleasure. But what remains then — just to be miserable?

If you remain miserable, then naturally your death is going to be a darkness. But if you have lived your life totally — with joy, all its ups and downs, all its tears and laughters — your death is going to be a beauty, an opening of a door to more life, on a higher level, to more consciousness.