Logic is dead; love is alive….OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

Logic is dead; love is alive....

Love is a radical change in your innermost core of being. The head is just on the periphery. The head is just like waves on the ocean; love is like the depth. In the depth there are no waves, and in the waves there is no depth.

Thoughts are like waves just on the surface. There is no way for a wave to know the depth while remaining the wave. The wave can know the depth, but then it has to disappear in the depth.

It will no more be a wave, but then it can come back to the surface. But then that wave will itself become a Baul; no other wave will listen to it. Other waves will call that wave mad because she will talk about depths, and waves only know shallowness, they don't know depths.

Love is an experience — existential, like taste. If you have not tasted salt, there is no way to explain it to you. If you have tasted it, there is no way to forget it. If you have tasted it, then too there is no way to explain it to somebody else who has not tasted it.

How to explain to somebody else who has never known anything salty? What to say? It is not that you don't know; you know, it is just on the tip of your tongue.

You know what saltiness is, but how to say it to somebody else? The only thing is to offer him a little salt. But if he says, "First let me be convinced that there exists something like salt, then only will I take"; if he is that cautious it is impossible. Then he will have to remain without any experience of salt.

And to remain without experiencing love is to remain dead — because only a lover goes on dropping his dead selves, because only a lover moves, because only a lover is dynamic. Logic is dead; love is alive.