Love knows no distance…….

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

Love knows no distance.......


Love knows no distance.

You can be thousands of miles away — if your heart is full of love,

if your heart remembers me, you are as close as anybody can be.


My commune is going to spread all over the earth.

Wherever you will see a sannyasin, my commune exists there.

Wherever you will find a sannyasin,

I am there with him.


Wherever a sannyasin remembers me

I am present to him, far more deeply than I can be physically present —

because I am no longer in my body, just somehow hanging around the body. I

am no longer the body.


If you love me you will know that I am something totally different from the body; it is a nonphysical phenomenon.

And,  you can be in contact wherever you are.

The moment you close your eyes you will find me inside you.

The master becomes part of the disciple.

Slowly slowly, the master is no longer outside, he is more and more inside.

And it has started happening — the process is triggered, and it is a process which cannot be stopped.