Love never grows out of fear….OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

Love never grows out of fear....

Any relationship that is created because of the fear, because of the inner hell of being left alone, cannot be satisfying.

Its very root is poisoned.

You don't love your woman, you are simply using her not to be lonely; neither does she love you.

She is also in the same paranoia; she is using you not to be left alone.

Naturally, in the name of love anything may happen — except love.

Fights may happen, arguments may happen, but even they are preferred to being lonely: at least somebody is there and you are engaged, you can forget your loneliness.

But love is not possible, because there is no basic foundation for love.

Love never grows out of fear.

You will see in the stations, in the airports, small boys and girls carrying their teddy bears; they cannot sleep without them.

Darkness makes their loneliness even more dangerous.

The teddy bear is a great protection; somebody is with them.

And your God is nothing but a teddy bear for grown-ups.