Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

LOVE OR MEDITATION......................<3 OSHO

If I am talking about love and devotion and prayer,

and you are on the path of meditation,

listen to me meditatively, that's all.

Just listen to me meditatively;

then you will be growing in meditation through listening.

Don't listen through the intellect.

There is no need

because you are on the path of meditation,

so you need not worry about the details of what I am saying.

You can listen very silently

without being at all worried about what I am saying,

what the details are.

You can simply listen in deep meditation.

Let listening be your meditation,

and that will do.

But if you listen from the intellect that will create confusion.

If I am talking on the path of meditation

and you are on the path of love,

listen to me lovingly.

You don't lose track of your path.

And then, whether I am talking on love or on meditation,

you will be fulfilled.

Your own path will be strengthened.

Your will will be made stronger.