MEDITATION……….Move step by step; the other step will follow automatically….OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

MEDITATION..........Move step by step; the other step will follow automatically....

Meditation is nothing but your mind in a silent state. Just as a lake is silent, not even ripples on it… thoughts are ripples. Meditation is mind relaxed — don't make things very complex — mind in a state of not doing anything, just at ease.

And the moment you are relaxed, silent, peaceful, there is great insight and understanding of things that you have never understood before. Nobody is explaining anything to you. Just your clarity of vision makes things clear.

It is the same rose, but now you know its beauty in its multi-dimensional way. You had seen it many times — it was just an ordinary rose. But today it is no more ordinary; today it has become extraordinary because you have a clarity. All the dust is removed from your insight and the rose has an aura that you were not aware of before.

Everything around you, inside you, outside you, becomes crystal clear. And as understanding reaches to the ultimate point, there is an explosion of light.

Clarity, in its ultimate stage, becomes an explosion of light we have called `enlightenment.'
Just don't use big words; that makes things difficult.

It is simply in the intensity of clarity that darkness disappears. It is because you can see so clearly that darkness is no more there. You know perfectly well that there are animals who can see in darkness; their eyes are more clear, more penetrating. Your insight becomes so penetrating that all darkness is dispelled. In other words, you have an explosion of light.

Call it enlightenment, liberation, realization. But you are still beyond it: it is your experience and you are the experiencer. This is an objective experience; you are a subjectivity. You know all this is happening; hence the transcendence, hence going beyond enlightenment. At that peak, at that Everest… only witnessing, just pure awareness; not aware of anything, not witnessing anything — just a pure mirror, not mirroring anything at all. They are all organically related.

And don't bother about the whole thing.
Move step by step; the other step will follow automatically.