Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....


MORALITY IS NOT RELIGION, although a religious person is always moral — but not vice versa: a moral person need not be religious.

A religious person is necessarily moral, because religion means experience of the divine — one who has experienced the presence of God, how can he be immoral? In fact, he is the criterion, the decisive factor as to what is moral.

Whatsoever an enlightened person does is moral; there is no other way to decide.

It is not that he is thing to do that which is moral — whatsoever he does is moral. He cannot do any harm to anybody; he is a blessing to existence.

When God has blessed him, what else is left for him, except to be a blessing to the existence? What God has given to him, he goes on giving to everybody else. His heart is full of bliss, and the bliss starts overflowing. That overflowing bliss is real morality.

Morality means compassion, morality means love, morality means creativity; morality means making the world a little more beautiful than you found it, leaving it a little more beautiful, giving it a new plane, a new level, a new dimension of existence.

The immoral person is destructive; because he is miserable he can only share his misery with others. Remember, you can give to others only that which you have. If you are miserable, whatsoever you say is immaterial, you will make others miserable.

If you are blissful, you need not say anything — you will make others blissful. Your very presence will trigger some blissfulness in their being.

Your very presence will create a synchronicity in others. Your music, your juice, will create ripples of joy — whoever is close to you will become infected with your joy, with your ecstasy, will become drunk — and that's what morality is.