Never be a Christian — be a Christ! Never be a Buddhist — be a Buddha!. ….OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

Never be a Christian -- be a Christ! Never be a Buddhist -- be a Buddha!. ....

Jesus' word for repent simply means 'return'; it does not mean repentance at all. 'Turn in' it means, 'return to the source', it means, 'return to your own being'. That's what meditation is all about: returning to the source, returning to the center of the cyclone, returning to your very being.

Now you can see the difference. When you use the English word 'repent' it has something very ugly about it: sin, guilt, the priest, confession; this is the climate of the English word 'repent'. But the Aramaic word simply means return to the source, return! Return, don't waste time.

And that's how it is with almost all key words.

It is almost impossible to understand Jesus through the priests. The only pure way, the only possible way, is to go in, return inside. There you will meet Christ-consciousness. The only way to understand Christ is to become a Christ. Never be a Christian — be a Christ! Never be a Buddhist — be a Buddha! Never be a Hindu — be a Krishna! And if you want to be a Krishna, Christ or Buddha, then you need not go into the scriptures and you need not ask the scholars: you will have to ask the mystics how to go in.

That's exactly what I am doing here: helping you to become aware of yourself. And the moment you know yourself you will be surprised: you have never committed a sin. Sin is the invention of the priest to create guilt in you.

You don't need any salvation. All that you need is a little shaking up so you can wake up. You don t need priests. You certainly need awakened people, because only the awakened ones can shake those who are fast asleep and dreaming. And humanity needs to be free of guilt, free of the idea of sin, free of the idea of repentance. Humanity needs innocence, and the priests don't allow you to be innocent; they corrupt your minds.

Beware of the priests. They are the people who crucified Jesus — how can they interpret Jesus? They are the people who have always been against the Buddhas — and the irony is that finally they become the interpreters.