Reality is your creation, THOUGHT CREATES REALITY…

Reality is your creation, THOUGHT CREATES REALITY...


Reality is your creation, THOUGHT CREATES REALITY...


There is nothing to be worried about and nothing to be serious about. The only thing to be understood is: DON’T FEED NEGATIVES; otherwise they become real. FEED THE POSITIVE, and that becomes real.


Reality is your creation; THOUGHT CREATES REALITY. Go with great joy, go in happiness; and you will be surprised that everything fits with your joy and everything fits with your surprise. Everything helps you to be more joyous. Go with fear, and everything will be gloomy, and everything will prove that you are right.


THE MIND ALWAYS PROVES ITSELF RIGHT. So it is a suicidal trip: if you go with fear, you will create it. When you are afraid, you create fear in the other person also.


If you try to stop it, you will carry it. SIMPLY MAKE A SHIFT, don’t try to stop it. You are facing east, face west. You cannot stop the east, but you can face west.


You are listening to one station on the radio; YOU CAN CHANGE THE STATION. You cannot stop that radio station from broadcasting, it will go on broadcasting — but you need not receive it. THINK OF THE MIND LIKE THIS — that you have all the knobs available, you can turn on any station, all the stations of the world are available. The whole world is available: sadness, fear, love, joy, anger, celebration, anguish, anxiety.


Everything is available — JUST TUNE INTO WHATSOEVER YOU NEED. And don’t be obsessed with the idea of how to stop fear. There is no need to be worried about fear. If you become focused on fear, you will be feeding it.




Let Go!

A Darshan Diary, Ch #4