Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....


More you will love me, the more you will love the whole existence, the more you will love yourself. And as that love deepens, you start disappearing. There is only love — and love is not an attachment. The attachment is of the `I'.




No, they are not the same — certainly respect and love are not the same. Respect is a poor substitute for love, a plastic substitute for the real rose. It may appear like the rose but it is not. It has no roots in the earth, no juices flow through it. It has no contact with the sun and the wind and the rain. It is disconnected from existence. It is simply a plastic flower, looks like a rose — it is an imitation.


Respect is a plastic flower, love is a real rose.And joy never arises out of respect. In fact, out of respect a little sadness arises. If you have observed closely, whenever you respect somebody you feel humiliated. You may not look at your humiliation because it hurts, but whenever you respect somebody there is humiliation — because if somebody is superior you ARE inferior, and the inferiority hurts. You can avoid it, you may not see it, you may keep it at the back, you may forget all about it, but it is there. If you search for it you will always find it lurking in the darkness of your unconscious.


Respect cannot give you joy, but love certainly gives you joy. Joy is a by-product of love, the aura of love. Wherever love is there is joy, there is silence, there is benediction.Anybody can see it here. You are sitting in such silence! You may be the only commune on the whole of the earth sitting in such silence, in such love — engulfed, encompassed, by something of the beyond.Others who don't know about love, may misunderstand your love as respect because they know only respect. Those who have never seen any real rose may think that the plastic flower is the real rose.


Those who don't know real roses and have always known the plastic, if you bring them to a rosebush they will think that these are plastic flowers attached to the bush.People who come from the outside, seeing you sitting with me in deep communion, in deep love, your hearts beating with my heartbeat, will think that you are in deep respect. It is not respect at all ! It is the real thing, not the synthetic flower. It is happening — it is a rare opportunity.


When there is somebody awake, many people who are groping in their sleep to be awake, longing in their sleep to be awake, start moving towards the source wherever awakening has happened. That's how you have arrived here from faraway countries. You may not even be aware of how you have reached here; you may think it is just accidental. It is not. Many many lives of longing to find a Buddha, to find a Christ, have brought you here. You are ancient pilgrims. Now you have found the opportunity. You are fortunate to love, fortunate to feel the joy of love, fortunate because this love is going to become a door to the divine.?