‘Right view’ really means: a mind without views……….OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

'Right view' really means: a mind without views..........

A blind man was brought to Buddha. He was passing through the village, and the people of the village were tired of the blind man because he was very logical and very philosophical.

He was so argumentative that he used to prove that the light exists not..He would say, "You just bring it, I would like to touch it"; or "You bring it so I can taste it"; or "You bring it, at least let me smell it"; or "You bring it and beat it like a drum so I can hear it."

Of course, you cannot beat light like a drum, and you cannot taste it, and you cannot smell it, and you cannot touch

The blind man would laugh, laugh with victory, and he would say, "You fools! You are trying to prove something to me which is not. I have got four senses. Prove it! I am ready, I am open."

They could not prove it, so the blind man started thinking that they were just trying to befool him about this light: "The whole business is just a deception, a fraud. In fact, they want to prove that I am blind. They are insulting me. I am not blind, because light exists not. So what is the point? If light exists not, eyes need not be there. Eves are just a fiction."

He would say, "You are all blind, but you are dreaming about something that exists not."
They brought the man to Buddha, and Buddha said, "Don't bring him to me. I know a physician — because he needs no conviction, he needs a vision of light. He needs eyes. He needs treatment, he needs no theory about it. But I know a physician. "

Buddha had a beautiful, very learned physician. He was given to him by an emperor, to look after Buddha's body. The blind man was taken to the physician. He treated him, and within six months he was able to see.

By that time Buddha had moved to another town. The man came running and dancing; he was ecstatic. He fell at Buddha's feet and he said, "You have convinced me."
Buddha said, "Don't talk nonsense. I have not done anything. Your eyes have convinced you, and there is no other way."

Buddha used to say: I am not a philosopher, I am a physician. I would like to treat your inner eyes, and the first step is right view. 'Right view' really means: a mind without views. If you have any view, it is wrong view.

If you don't have any view, then you are simply open, clear. Then your window is completely open, you don't have any hindrance; whatsoever is available you will be able to see. Buddha never says anything about that which you will see; he only talks about how to treat your blindness, how to get out of your blindness.