Silence is the door. Inner peace is the door….OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

Silence is the door.  Inner peace is the door....


Your energy is engaged in occupation. Your mind is thinking, your body is working, you are occupied.

Your whole energy is moving in activity, is being dissipated into the world.


When you think, you are dissipating energy; each thought takes energy, needs energy. You are continuously thinking and dissipating energy for nothing —  just dissipating energy. Activity needs energy, and your infinite source of energy is continuously being dissipated.


You are leaking from everywhere. That's why you feel so weak, so frustrated, so impotent. This impotence feels like helplessness; you are omnipotent and you feel impotent. You have all the sources of infinite energy within you, you are related to the cosmic source, but you feel impotent because you are continuously dissipating energy.


If thought stops even for a single moment and activity is no more, if you have become like a statue, unmoving within or without, if there is no movement, either of body or of mind, then tremendous energy is released. Where will it go now there is no activity?


It cannot go without. You become a pillar of energy, a flame of energy. Everything becomes conscious inside, everything is lighted; your whole being is filled with light.


If you suddenly awake in the middle of anger, you will feel a peace you have never felt before.


Energy was moving and suddenly it stops. You will have silence, immediate silence. You will fall into your inner being and the fall will be so sudden, you will become aware. It is not a slow fall, it is so sudden that you cannot remain unaware. You can remain unaware only with routine things, with gradual things; you move so slowly you can't feel movement. From activity to no-activity, from thought to no-thought, from mind to no-mind.


Silence is the door.

Inner peace is the door.

Non-violence is the door.

Love and compassion are the doors.?