Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....


You don't have any limits to your potential.
you are not aware what you can do
and you will never be aware unless you do it..




You all take pleasure in becoming moist because that is the easiest thing to do. That's the only pleasure in it — the easiest. You need not do anything, you simply leave yourself and you drift. You fall towards the earth and the gravitation pulls you down. And you feel very, very happy, because no strain, no effort — nothing!


People come to me: they say they cannot get up early in the morning for the meditation. Even that much effort is too much for you. And if you cannot get up early in the morning to meditate, what else can you do? What else do you think you can do? You don't want to make any effort — but your demands are very high. Even a man who cannot get up early in the morning to meditate asks how peace of mind is possible, asks, "How will I come to know God?" — asks, "Help me! I don't want to come again to this world" — but nobody comes to this world.


If you live in a drifting way, if you live always falling downwards — choosing the easiest, choosing the path of least resistance, choosing the path of no challenge, no struggle, nothing, just falling, living on the gravitation — then you need not make any effort to come. There is no need to come, you WILL be coming, because this is how one comes into this world: a moist state of mind will always revolve around this world.


Only a dry soul can fly towards the sky because on a dry soul there is no effect of gravitation; the downward pull doesn't exist for a dry soul. Then what is the meaning of being dry?The meaning of being dry is: Keep alert.


Whatsoever you do, do it knowingfully — whatsoever! I don't say, "Don't do this and don't do that." Simply be more alert whatsoever you do, and then, by and by, every act helps you to become more and more dry. Then a detachedness comes to you. With alertness you automatically become detached.You love a person, but still it is not an attachment. You love a person, you care, you share your being, you give everything, but still it is not an attachment — it is very, very detached.


And when there is a detached love, there is nothing like that — it is the most beautiful flowering.


Love and detached: it means it comprehends both the polarities. It is paradoxical — because you can be detached without love, or you can be in love without detachment. That's easy, to choose one extreme, one polarity. To choose both the polarities together — detached and in love — what does it mean?


It means you are alert. Doing whatsoever needs to be done, but remaining alert, you are detached. Then you can live in this world without being a part of this world. Then you can be in the world and the world will not be in you.This dryness comes as more and more you close the ways of falling asleep, you close the doors of falling downwards, you close the doors of pleasures — you don't seek pleasures. Remember, happiness is not pleasure. Happiness is a different phenomenon — it is a state of being.