Tears of joy, tears of bliss….OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

Tears of joy, tears of bliss....

Tears of joy, tears of bliss. That is one of the greatest transformations in life — when even tears are no more tears of pain, sadness, sorrow, but of joy, bliss, benediction.

The lowest form of tears is connected with sadness, and the highest form of tears is connected with bliss.

Ordinarily people know only one kind of tears — those that come out of sorrow, agony, suffering. Because millions of people only know this one type of tears, tears have become symbols of pain. This is not true.

There is a higher dimension to tears too, just as there is a higher dimension to everything else. The body is the lowest dimension of your being, the soul, the highest; hate, the lowest, love, the highest.

In the same way tears also have two planes; the lowest is of sadness, of suffering — those are tears of hell. One should try to know the other kind too. That is a transformation, an alchemical change.

And when you have transformed your tears into joy there is no suffering left. Then even the darkest night of life is bright and brilliant and full of light. Then even death is nothing but a door to life abundant: Then even curses prove to be blessings.

One has what in the West they have been calling 'the philosopher's stone'; in the East we call it 'paras'. You touch any lower, baser metal with the philosopher's stone and immediately it is transformed into gold. That philosopher's stone or 'paras' does not exist anywhere in the outside world it is a secret of consciousness.

The lower can be transformed into the higher because the lower contains the higher, the lower is only raw material for the higher. It is a raw diamond; it has to be cleaned, cut, polished.

So learn how to cry in joy, how to weep in utter blissfulness. Let your tears become your prayer… and there is no other prayer which goes deeper.

When you can cry out of prayer, when you can cry out of the experience of the beauty of existence — when you can see a rose bloom and you can cry and tears start rolling, when you see the sun and suddenly you feel like crying, you feel like bursting into a deep crying, your heart wants to melt — then you have known the highest form of tears.

And through that highest form of tears you will know the highest form of your love, your heart, your being.