The creator’s joy is in creation itself; there is no other reward….OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

The creator's joy is in creation itself; there is no other reward....

CREATIVITY IS PERHAPS the only existential religion. The moments of creativity are the moments when you are one with the universe. In a way you are lost, you are no more your old ego; in another way you have found yourself for the first time.

Only the creator knows the depths of life and the heights of love. Those who do not know the dimension of creativity remain unaware of what true religion is. True religion is not worship. True religion is not contained in the scriptures. True religion consists only of one thing: when you participate with the creator, howsoever small your participation may be. It has a significance, because only you can do it, and nobody else can do it.

God is not a person somewhere — God is only a collective name of the whole creative energy of the universe. The moment you are creative you are part of it, and the people who are not creative remain separate from the flow of existence. And the people who are destructive are not only separate, but they are against existence. They are the real sinners.

The only virtue worth calling virtue is creativity. What you create does not matter, but it should enhance life, beautify existence, make living more joyous, the song a little more juicy, the love a little more glorious — and the life of a creator starts becoming part of eternity and immortality.

The creator's joy is in creation itself; there is no other reward. And the moment you start thinking of any reward beyond your act, you are only a technician, not a creator.