Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....



These are the two phases of fire, the inner biofire, the bioenergy. You feel hungry, you eat, you feel satisfied. That satisfaction is also a phase of fire.

The fire has subsided, now there are no flames, it has disappeared. It is a PRALAYA, a de-creation, an involution.

Then again comes the other phase. The circle moves, the wheel moves: again comes the phase of hunger, again satiety. You feel sexual, lust, then satiety. You feel love and satiety.
You cannot love twenty-four hours because the fire has two phases. And husbands and wives try to do the impossible: they want to love each other twenty-four hours, then everything goes astray.

You cannot because you cannot eat twenty-four hours. Love is food. Can you eat twenty-four hours? You have to give gaps so that the food is absorbed, the energy used, the body becomes hungry again. How can you love twenty-four hours? And if you try the impossible, you will be in bad shape. The more you force, the more everything will become false.

That's why husbands and wives lose the whole beauty of love. Everything becomes false and forced. When they were lovers everything was beautiful, because sometimes they would meet and there would be hunger and it would need satiety.

And sometimes they would have to wait for the day to pass, then the lover would be coming — and there would be hunger. And when there is deep hunger, love satisfies deeply. When husbands and wives cling together twenty-four hours, around each other like shadows, then there is no hunger.

Of course, then there is no satiety. Then the whole beauty disappears. Remember this: if you love a person, leave the person to be alone also so that the hunger arises. One has to, otherwise the love will be according to the clock.

One day Mulla Nasruddin came home and found his greatest friend kissing his wife. He said, "What! I cannot believe my eyes. I HAVE to, but why you?"

A husband cannot believe it because love becomes a duty. When love becomes a duty it is already dead — then it is an outer enforcement, then the inner thing is lost. Love is a hunger, not a duty. Then it has a satiety phase. When love is satisfied you feel absolutely blissful; everything is okay; you can bless the whole existence and be blessed by it.

Everything is simply wonderful… but it has to be through hunger.

Man is a miniature of the whole cosmos. And the same is true of the whole: the whole passes also through two phases.

When the whole is in hunger, then there is much activity and creation.

Things grow, manifestation comes in, trees flower, people love, children are born — everything is a dynamic activity. Then, satisfied, the existence moves into a satiety phase –everything disappears. No trees, no earth, no stars, no sun — the fire is resting.