The vision of the rebellious mind…………OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

The vision of the rebellious mind............


Just think of Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, coming back and looking at the world — they will start crying. This is the world for which they wasted their whole lives? This is the world for which they hoped and staked their whole lives, gambled with their lives? They could not live their lives because they were trying to change the world.


They were trying to change the world because they thought that only when the world had changed according to their wishes would they be able to live. Otherwise, how could they live? How can you live happily in an unhappy world? — that is the revolutionary's question. Very significant: "How can you be happy in an unhappy world?" — so he tries to make the world happy.


The rebellious person says, "Leave the world to itself. Nobody has ever changed it." He is more practical and down to earth: "I can live my own way. I can create my own world within me." He is a drop-out. Bauls are drop-outs. They don't belong to any religion, to any society, to any nation. They are beggars, wanderers, vagabonds, hippies, gypsies, moving from one village to another, singing their song, dancing their dance, living their lives in their own way, doing their thing.


A rebellious person is one who says, "I'm not going to wait, I'm going to live right now." The revolutionary hopes for the future. He says, "I am going to wait. I will wait for the right moment." The rebellious person says, "The right moment is here-now, and I'm not going to wait for anybody, I'm going to live right now." A rebellious person lives in the present.


And one thing more to be understood: a rebellious person is not against anybody. He may appear against because he is trying to live his own life, but he is not really against anybody. He may not go to the mosque but he is not against Mohammedans. He may not go to the temple but he is not against Hindus. He simply says, "I am not concerned; it is irrelevant." He simply says, "Please leave me alone. You do your thing and let me do my thing. Don't interfere with me and I will not interfere with you."


The vision of the rebellious mind is very realistic. Life is short. Nobody knows whether tomorrow will come or not. The future is not certain, and this is the only moment one can live. Why waste it in fighting with others? Why waste it in trying to convince others? Enjoy it, delight in it.