The wise people keep aloof. The idiots rule…

The wise people keep aloof. The idiots rule...

The wise people keep aloof. The idiots rule...

The wise people keep aloof.

The idiots rule.

And the idiots are in the majority.

I was thinking, Why are they in the majority? — but then I found that the first marathon race has created the whole trouble. And this situation will continue unless we are more intelligent and stop this accidental birth — what I call accidental birth.

Now we are at a stage where genetic engineering can manage very easily to give us as many Rabindranaths, as many Picassos, as many Bodhidharmas, as many Nijinskys as we want, on demand, because in those one million cells all kinds of people are there.

The point is we should drop the old idea that you have to produce your son yourself. Strange… you order your clothes from the best tailor, you purchase the best car, you make the most beautiful house — not with your own hands. You don’t insist that “I will make my car, I will make my house, I will make my clothes, I will make my food”… you will go insane. So why do we insist that the son should be ours? But just our old superstition continues.

According to me, each hospital, each medical college should have semen banks, just like blood banks. You can go and ask for what kind of child, boy or girl, what kind of face, what kind of color you want, how long a lifespan, what kind of intelligence — poetic, scientific, mystic… you can ask for it. They will have categories sorted out, and your wife will be injected with just a single sperm.

I don’t think there is anything wrong in it. You can go on making love, but you should use every birth control method. For birth you have to enquire to the medical authorities….

It will change the whole face of the earth. There will be so many intelligent people, creative people, loving people. It will raise the standard of life, it will raise the standard of health, it will bring about more inventions, more poetry, more sculpture, and it will make man no longer accidental, at the mercy of blind nature.

Then there is no need even to get married, because you will not be creating children of your own. The possibility is already accomplished that the child need not be raised in the mother’s womb; the child can be raised in a mechanical womb, far more scientifically. The best parents will be those who have chosen the best child, with the best qualities, with the best scientific womb, so when he comes out of the womb they can take him home.

This will do two things: the children will become so beautiful and so intelligent, so healthy, so long living, and also the parents will be unburdened.

Every parent is harassing the child to become great, to become Alexander the Great, to become Gautam Buddha. What can the child do? — it is not in the program of his basic cell. So parents are disturbed because children don’t listen to them, and children are unnecessarily harassed and hurt. They cannot forgive their parents their whole life for the way they have been treated in their helplessness, in their childhood.

What you are demanding of them they don’t have in their basic program. Every human psychology is completely programmed, his physiology is completely programmed, and everything goes according to the program. There are no accidents. You can have as beautiful women in the world as you like; you can have as strong men in the world as you like.

Now it is within our hands.

Who is preventing it? Your priests and your politicians — because they will be the ones who will lose all glamour. Far more intelligent people will be there, so these stupid politicians who know next to nothing…
I have seen education ministers who cannot even sign their names, and they are deciding the education for the whole country. I have seen finance ministers who don’t know the meaning of finance, who have not any idea how the economy runs. I have seen soldiers who don’t have any courage.
This whole society is upside down.


from : The Great Pilgrimage — From Here to Here Ch. 10