These people I have gathered around me are here for a certain purpose…OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

These people I have gathered around me are here for a certain purpose...

These people I have gathered around me are here for a certain purpose. It is very easy to love me, there is no problem. It is all sweet. Love Deeksha! — then you will know what bitter means. But Deeksha is my gate; you have to enter through Deeksha. The day you have started loving Deeksha, then you will be able to come close to me, not without it.

There are a few people who are clever — Anup is one of them — calculating, clever. They think they can have a direct relationship with me. That is not possible.

You cannot avoid the situation that I am creating. You have to accept it.

It is hard to accept it. That's why it is a situation, that's why it is a device! It is hard to swallow it — that's what the first question was, from Sudesh. He cannot accept the organization here. If he cannot accept the organization here, howsoever he thinks that he loves me, this love is not enough.

If you love me enough you will say yes to things that I am making around here. There must be something in them.

You can't see right now, you don't have eyes.

Sudesh says, "Things around you are not right. They are topsy-turvy." They are managed that way by me. Passing through them, accepting them, is coming closer to me.

That will help you to grow in trust. If you cannot grow then it is better to leave. Give your place to somebody else.

Anup asks me again and again why I don't hit him. You have to be worthy of it. The hit is not cheap, it is costly. I don't go on hitting everybody and anybody. I hit only when I see that now the layer is so thin, just a small hit and the clouds will disappear.

Enlightenment can happen any place, can happen any moment. You just have to allow it to happen. It is not a question of place and time, it is a question of your allowing it.