Thirty-three percent of people are continuously having diseases, illnesses…OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

Thirty-three percent of people are continuously having diseases, illnesses...


One person in three is suggestible…


somebody just says that you are looking very pale. You deny it immediately because you are not looking pale. You have seen in the mirror; you are not looking pale. You have met many people; nobody has mentioned it — this guy seems to be strange. You say to the person, "Perhaps you are suffering from jaundice, I am not pale. I am perfectly healthy."


The man says, "It is up to you. If you are feeling perfectly healthy, there is no problem," but he goes on looking back and starts creating doubts. Perhaps others did not say anything out of politeness.


And then another man comes and he looks and he says, "My God! What happened? You look like a ghost." Now you don't have the same courage to deny it, to say, "I am perfectly good; something must be wrong with you." That courage is gone.


Now you say, "Yes, I have not been feeling well for a few days… looking pale. I think I must go home and not to the office, because if I am looking like a ghost…."The man says, "I will call a taxi, don't walk. Or if you are feeling too much difficulty, I can phone for an ambulance."


And you say, "That will be better; an ambulance will be better, because it seems I am at the last stage. Looking like a ghost and being a ghost is not very much different. You just call an ambulance because going home looking like a ghost… what will the children think? What will my wife think? It is better in the hospital, and if I can manage just to give some baksheesh to the doctors and to the nurses and to the pharmacist…"And they all go on emphasizing: "You are finished!" And then the doctor says, "Listen, nothing can be done now; you are dead.""I am dead? and I did not even feel it when I died."The doctor says, "Nobody feels it."You say, "Then where am I to go from here?"


The doctor says, "That is not my business. You go to the temple that is just nearby here and ask the priest where to go now. You are dead."You go two, three steps, and think again: "Dead? And I am walking!"You come back, you say, "Listen, I want a second opinion. Is there another doctor in the hospital?"


They say, "There are many; you can have as many opinions as you want.But about you, there is no problem. It is very simple: You are dead! Now, no sickness is possible for you, no infection, no tuberculosis, no cancer, not even death is possible. Everything has happened!"You ask the other doctor but they are all ready, so the other doctor looks at you and tries to escape from the room."Where are you going?"


The other doctor says, "Listen. I am not an expert about ghosts. You have come to the wrong place. You go to some other doctor. Find out from the inquiry office, who the doctor is who deals with ghosts."You say, "My God! I have never heard that in any hospital there is a department that deals with ghosts. I think it is better that I go to the priest and ask, `Now show me the way: where is hell, where is heaven and where am I supposed to go? — some address? some phone number?'"


Thirty-three percent of people are that type. Any disease, any epidemic and these thirty-three percent are the first to catch hold of it. They can't miss. These thirty-three percent of people are continuously having diseases, illnesses, and they are torturing doctors all over the world because you cannot cure them. They don't have any disease, so the question of curing them simply does not arise. And every doctor becomes fed up, because they go on and on… somehow you manage one disease and another disease starts….


There are many "pathies" in the world: allopathy, naturopathy, homeopathy, acupuncture; Chinese medicine and Greek medicine; ayurveda, Indian medicine, and they all work. I was puzzled… all cannot work; because their prognosis is different, their medicines are different.Still, every medicine succeeds with seventy percent of people. It is a shock that allopathy also succeeds only with seventy percent; homeopathy also succeeds only with seventy percent.It has been found that seventy percent of illnesses are only in the head.


They don't have anything to do with your physiology, with your biology, with your reality. They are hallucinations. But once you have them, once it has been emphasized again and again, then you are going to suffer.There are millions of hypochondriacs. They need all these medicines and they need all the miracle mongers because ordinary allopathy, which is the only scientific medicine, cannot help them. They don't have a real disease. They need as imaginary a medicine as their disease is imaginary.?


 It is not only you, but almost everybody who suffers once in a while from imaginary sicknesses.